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Wicked pleasure: Part one by Lora Leigh

2.5 wicked stars: ***


This is book one in the Wicked Pleasure series by Lora Leigh.
I have always liked Lora Leigh’s books. She has a way with words. She takes erotica to a whole new level. Her words are dripping with lust. She takes you into the depth of bursting sensations and immerses you in her words.
Jaci Wright is a thirteen year old girl, who has been in love with Cameron Falladay for as long as she can remember. She adores him, idolizes him. But Cam is reluctant in accepting his feelings for Jaci. He protects her with a fierce emotion but is not willing to give her everything. But for her, there has been no one else but Cameron Falladay.
“Wait on me, Cam. I’ll grow up and I’ll take all the bad things away.”
Cameron Falladay is blazing hot, sexy, all alpha and is fiercely possessive of Jaci. He protects her with all his might. But the falladay brothers come in a package deal. Where Cameron is dead serious in everything, Chase is sexy, charming, funny and hot as hell. Cam is surly and cranky at times, where Chase is as light-hearted as they come.
“I wouldn’t want to make you blush. I hear it’s impolite.”
Fast-forward a few years, and Jaci is on her new interior designing job where she again meets the Falladay brothers. Jaci is intent on limiting her exposure to them (not that she tries very hard) but ends up having hot and heavy threesomes. And damn, calling it smoking hot is an understatement.  Jaci knows if she wants Cam, she has to have Chase as part of the deal but that doesn’t stop her from longing for Cam. Cam on the other hand wants to own her but has no qualms in sharing her with his brother but he has trouble acknowledging the fact that he wants Jaci all to himself.
“I have no intention of controlling her life,” Cam stated. “I’m going to become her life, Chase. There’s a difference.”
Jaci comes with a troublesome past few years where she has been a target of a certain congressman. This has in turn messed with her career and her life. This obviously evoked the alpha in Cameron, who is growling to protect his girl. This book was an ever jumping ride of lust, passion and heat. The characters had a lot of history together and had a bond between them that made their threesomes burning hot. Their chemistry was wicked hot.
“He kissed her like he was dying for her taste and hers alone. He kissed her with an experience, a knowledge worlds away from hers.”
That being said, I had trouble keeping up with the actual plot of the story. It was lost somewhere in between the sexual heat. I would have liked to explore the characters a little more. Sexual chemistry is important but what about the other aspects of a relationship? Ms. Leigh completely missed out on that part. Also, the secrets seemed to be forced into the situations. This definitely irked me. The whole hole-and-corner thing in the story didn’t fit well with the flow of the book.


There were questioned unanswered and I want to know where their story leads to and I will be reading the next installment in this series. And as the author has said “You can never be too wicked …”

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