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Wicked Pleasure: Part II by Lora Leigh

Wicked Pleasure: Part 2Wicked Pleasure: Part 2 by Lora Leigh
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If it was possible for me to give negative black stars to this book, I would have gladly opted for that. It was such a horrendous read; I am still trying to recover from its after effects. This book was an utter time waste.

Wicked Pleasure: Part II is second book in the Wicked Pleasure series by Lora Leigh.
Wicked pleasure: Part I was just readable. I still gave this book a shot as I wanted to know where Jaci and Cam’s story leads to. But did the story move forward? No. It didn’t even budge in the slighest.


Characters cannot be more annoying than these airheads we encountered in this book.


Jaci continued to be her vacuous self. She doesn’t have an ounce of self-control. Her self-respect is non-existent. After every third sentence, she swears she will stand for herself and not give to Cam and all his moronic demands. But does she abide by it? Obviously no. Why? Because she is the ghastliest creature ever born. She makes me so sick; I feel ill to my bones. She is damn too infuriating; she irked me to no end.


Cam seems to be racing for “I am the most annoying piece of shit” award. And boy did he give some competition to Jaci. He’s still rolling in his darkness, inner turmoil….yada yada. Give me a break! I already read it in Part I. Give me something more you idiots. Cam is still trapped inside his inner demons; fighting everyday for Jaci. Isn’t that cliché? Poor Cam. Let me clue you in dear.. Stop being a dipshit and take your head out of your ass. It might ease things up for you.



These dumb nuts goaded me to commit murder. They were just some sex-crazed monkeys, who started humping every chance they get. And please.. Sex was nowhere in the “hot” category in this book. It was like on auto repeat here. Same damn thing each and every time.



The only bearable character in this book was Chase. Why? It’s simple; he didn’t have much role to play. He had limited dialogues and hence he didn’t have the chance to be as thickheaded as Jaci and Cam.

Ms. Leigh wrote a book with a half-baked idea. Ding Ding.. Readers are not your punching bag. You cannot throw this kind of horror on them to relieve your untimely aggressions. Recipe for this book was as simple as it gets. Just pick up the text from Part I of this series, flip some words here and there, and paste it here and voila!! Wicked Pleasure: Part II is ready to be served.


Save yourself the hassle of reading this torture. I wash my hands of Lora Leigh for now. I can’t bear to look at her books for a while. My brain needs some healing.

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