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The Seduction Expert by Saya Lopez Ortega




The Seduction Expert is written by Saya Lopez Ortega. This author was new to me so I went blindly into the book without any prejudice. I later realized from my friends on GR that the author could not digest criticism like an adult. I would have certainly stayed away from the book if I knew that. However, I had already read the book by the time so I better give you my honest opinion nonetheless.

Although the book is described as a romance novel, there was nothing romantic in it. It is written from the angle of a self-serving woman whose sense of morals is rather limited.

“The Baroness” is an ultra feminist that skins men with her cutting remarks and off the charts humor. For the better of the book we are told the glowing accomplishments of the Baroness. How she is your “man” for various issues like grabbing your man’s attention who has been oblivious to you so far, a clean divorce, or slamming your cheating spouse against the wall. For many women, she is the superhero in Versace and Louboutins that adds to her sass. She saves women from fake and deceitful marriages. She castrates cheating husbands and sucks them dry of their finances making the grieving a little less grievous for the wives.

She approaches the whole idea of love and a happily ever after in a very clinical way. The idea of “if not love, I’ll settle for that enormous pile of money” is definitely new for me, if not that enticing. She carefully crafts her idea of grabbing the desirous and extremely wealthy Louis Beaumont. This may make your inner princess flutter her wings but it definitely shaped the book in a rather different way.

But as often as it can happen, the satanic monster-in-law steps in. Thereafter start the endless tug-of-war between the “devil” and the satanic monster-in-law.

It was a tumultuous read for me. I definitely struggled with the lead character. She was unlikable at best and even that could be a compliment considering her. Her self talks were a topic of debate at times. Leading up to a exaggerated sense of smugness sometimes and other times to a wit so charming it made you feel proud to be a woman. She could make you loathe herself with her extreme superiority complex. Oh! How it added that hint of air of awe around her that the author supposedly meant.

In the end, the author made you root for the Baroness despite any repulsiveness you feel towards her. With her confidence and that acute sense of self preservation, she can think and act on her toes. She, at times, makes you feel that grace and confidence that you feel in your sexy black dress and carefully styled hair when you are ready to rock those heels and slay those hearts.

This book is a cliffhanger and I may have read the next book if not for the author’s disrespectful behaviour towards the readers.

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