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The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry



“No soulmate leaves the world alone; they always take a piece of their other half along with them.”

Nothing prepares you for losing someone you love. Death leaves an aching hole that goes beyond heart and mind and you are just left with the painful memories. And those memories are richer than the richest treasures of the world. You are left with a hope that one day it will be alright. Maybe tomorrow you will be less sad than today. But there comes a time when you have to take the hard step and move forward with your life.

It is a story of two broken souls, Elizabeth and Tristan. Both Lizzie and Tristan are struggling with losing the love of their lives. While Liz has her adorable daughter to live for and move forward, Tristan has surrounded himself with his own monsters. They lived each day just for the sake of living it. Scattered life, shattered hearts and disarrayed emotions summed up their life. For them, the journey of grief was endless and relief was not in the charts until they found each other. Both came with their own set of baggage. They turned the disastrous wreckage into a beautiful sight.

“He and I together was a terrible idea. We were both unstable, we were both shattered, and there was no getting around it. He was thunder, I was lightning, and we were seconds away from creating the perfect storm.”


While Liz was willing to take that next step, our hero had his on divergent thoughts on the topic. Tristan was usually his gorgeous broody self, hard headed and crazy hot and cold. He took mean to another level. He was like a pendulum, swinging between cold as the arctic in one moment and warm as the fire in the chilly winter nights in the next. He was a beautiful, broken kind of monster.

“Everyone in this town is afraid of me. Do I scare you, Elizabeth?” he whispered, his breaths brushing against my lips.
“Why not?”
“Because I see you.”


Each griever has his own way of dealing with the loss. You can fantasize and craft all the stories you want to your heart’s content. And if it makes the hurting hurt a little less than do it. If that’s what make the shadows of gloom a little less dark and bring you back to life, then do it and damn those who judge you.

“She undressed me and made love to her past. I slid into her and made love to my ghosts. It wasn’t right, yet somehow it made sense. Her soul was scarred, and mine was burned.”


But the journey of their love was far from smooth. They had so many monsters in their closet that even the thought of stealing a few moments of happiness from the sea of glum was beyond painful for them.

“Sometimes tomorrow never comes and you’re only left with the memories of yesterdays.”


It’s been a while that I have read a romance that touched me so deep. I actually travel with them in their journey to recovery and finding their souls once again. It explains how difficult it is to deal with those same faces, same places, tiresome endless gossips and never ending pretentious pity parties from honeybees of the town. The author did a commendable in pouring out the emotions of the characters on paper. She compelled you to connect with her characters and feel their pain. This book made me realize what it is to lose someone you love. What it is to miss the voice of the one you love, to miss the joy in their laughter, to miss the sorrow in their tears and what wouldn’t you give to have it back, to hear them talk and see their smile. Just once more.

“The magic is in the tiny moments. The small touches, the gentle smiles, the quiet laughs. The magic is about living for today and allowing yourself to breathe and be happy. My dear boy, to love is the magic.”


In the end, this story brings out a very important lesson that we often tend to forget. Never lose hope. The sun will shine again and the moon will be bright again.


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