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The Accidental Life Swap by Jennifer Joyce

Sometimes one moment can change your life forever…
Rebecca Riley has always been a bit of a pushover.

Could working on a new project pour some confidence into this meek creature?

Could she pretend to be Vanessa and swap lives after a case of mistaken identity, just for a little while?


book review

Rebecca is a flighty, meek, submissive, and self-conscious person who’s innocent till the risk of appearing dumb. She works as a PA to Vanessa, who owns an events management company. She is sick of her role as a lowly PA and is more than ready to use her skills and talent in the actual creative side of the business. Too bad for her, she is almost invisible to her boss.


“I’m a wimp. A great big wuss. A sissy pants without a backbone.”


“Rebecca Riley is spineless. She’s afraid of her own shadow and never, ever sticks up for herself.”


That’s Rebecca for you in her own words.

Upon careful deliberation and after much practice, she finally gathers the courage to talk to her about her upcoming plans. All her optimism and dreams for a promotion go right into the drain when instead of listening to Rebecca, Vanessa packs her off to work on a refurbishment project at her recently purchased house.

Rebecca has absolutely zero knowledge about building, construction or anything even related to that. Things get further twisted when she is assumed to be Vanessa herself by the builders working in the house. Now, Rebecca is well aware of her almost nil sense of authority and takes this identity confusion as a blessing in disguise. Soon, she finds herself in the shoes of chic, polished and professional Vanessa living a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and romanticizing about charming Oliver.

Vanessa already has a reputation among the workers owing to her being Vanessa. She gets cold shoulders and icy looks wherever she goes and things are none too different with sweet Oliver. They both soon move forward from there and develop a sort of friendship. Chemistry between Oliver and Rebecca was rather lukewarm. There were a few sparks here and there but this flickering of romance was rather brief. I believe there wasn’t the sort of connection between that would make anyone even slightly dreamy.

Moments where Rebecca developed a close affinity with the builders and people of the quaint little town with her random acts of kindness were quite nice. This identity confusion later turns into a crisis and Rebecca soon finds herself facing the repercussions of her deceit.

Throughout the book, Lee, Rebecca’s roommate has been an invisible presence hovering over her, who played no role whatsoever in the development of the story. There were a few times when my interest was waning in the story with Rebecca constantly channeling her “inner Vanessa”. It soon turned dull and wasn’t even remotely amusing. And what’s with that style of writing? All those lines in italics and unnecessary font changes hurt my eyes and rattled my brain.

Story was predictable and there weren’t any unexpected twist and turns in the book. Overall, this was a light-hearted fine read to engage yourself for a while. Nothing to keep yammering about.

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  1. LOL i love this review. thank you for your honest and funny insight.

    1. Hey! Thanks for liking my review.

  2. I was unsure about requesting this one on Netgalley since I wasn’t sure how well the premise would turn out. I’m kinda glad that I resisted now. I was mainly considering reading this because the cover looks delightful… my weakness is pretty covers 😛 You wrote a really great review though!

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