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Stroked by Meghan Quinn

4 hilarious stars       

This is an ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Stroked is a standalone romantic comedy by Meghan Quinn.
This book was a light-hearted read that was quirky, hilarious, witty, sexy, passionate and hot as hell. It captivated my attention from the very first scene till the last one. And peace out people, this is not a love triangle. Thank God for small favors.
Meghan Quinn is a genius at delivering words that will have your belly aching from laughing too hard, making people question your sanity. She’s a queen of writing witty romance with outright hysterical characters
“Your looks might have gotten me interested, but it’s your heart that will keep me around”
Reese is Olympic royalty, underwear model, Greek God, Bad Boy of the pool with chiseled abs and a knockout body. He’s a six-foot-two piece of walking sex that had me panting like a goddamn dog.
“What is a girl supposed to say to the Sexiest man Alive?
Thank you, please come over and impregnate me so I can be attached to you forever, stroke you whenever I want, and lick your nipples just because I feel like it?
Might be a little aggressive.”
Exactly my thoughts.
Add to that his sweet, caring, kind, funny as hell and playful personality and swoooooooooooonnnn!!!!!
There is only so much my heart can take.
He has dedicated his life to his sport, swimming but his dream to hold a gold has always been one step too far for him. Media has painted him with a bad image, claiming him as The Silver Stroke and which leads him to a publicity stunt by having a sham of a relationship with Bellini Chambers. God knows how in the every-loving hell he agreed to do that but now he’s stuck doing promotional crap for a reality show with the she-beast.
Paisley is a UCLA graduate who always had one goal in life, a career in film production. She worked hard for it but an accidental mistake changed her life and messed with career. That’s how she ends up taking a job as the assistant to the world’s most conceited, self centered human being (if you can consider her as one). She’s feisty, sassy, gorgeous as hell with heart-stopping grey eyes that captured Reese’s heart the instant he laid eyes on her.
“From afar, she is irresistible. Up close, she is damn near lethal.”
Coming to the devil incarnate, Bellini Chambers
She’s a world class bitch. A snobby, conceited and obnoxious bitch of the highest order. Her hoity-toity ways are a pain in the ass. She’s a one of a kind character. The urge to beat the shit out of her was so strong, I was fuming.
“It’s so hard being me. I’m so popular, everyone wants to be me, and do you know what? I don’t blame them? How can I? If I saw such a specimen walking down the streets of Rodeo Drive, I would strive to be just like me as well.”
Kill me now!!! Can she be any more annoying?
I really could have done without entire chapters on the bitch. They had me scratching my hair out, slamming my head against the wall and screaming my heart out. You think I’m being harsh? Not at all.. Trust me. But I understand the need for that. Her insane demands and over-the-top attitude brought life to the story.
She obsesses about everything; from the type of wood use in a bench to the paint on the walls. She’s a heinous and asinine human. Idiocy radiates off her in spades. Her theatrics had my head spinning. Get my point?
She develops an instant dislike to Paisley and is hell bent on making her life difficult. We get it Bellini; you’re a witch, congratulations. Now stop with the third degree. But Paisley is a fire-cracker in her own way and meets every collision head-on.
I liked how they had insta-attraction but not insta-love. I hate that shit. Reese sets his eyes on Paisley and he damn well will have her. Too bad she doesn’t give in to his charisma and resists him in every way she can. This job is her one chance to set her career on the right path and she doesn’t want to screw things up. They had explosive chemistry and intense heat that raised the temperature of the room by several degrees. The smoldering attraction between them is too hard to resist. The sexual tension between them was so dense, you could cut it with a knife.
“You’re making me lose my mind, paisley. You’re all I can think about; all I dream about. You’re fucking with me on a daily basis. I’m not the same man when you’re around, and I’m half the man I normally am when you’re gone. I need you, Paisley.”
Sex was so passionate with volcanic heat, it burned my insides. It was panty melting, consuming and intense. It was fiery ball of lust, heat and passion that will blow your mind.
“You’re a fixation I can’t avoid. When you’re around, I’m drawn to you, tempted to make mistakes I’ve never even thought about making before. You make me want to rebel, Reese, to walk dangerously just for the feel of your lips against mine.”
You know the author has done an amazing job when you can feel the sheer thrill coursing through your veins, the excitement of the events and the feelings jabbing in your heart. It was joy to read this book.


If you’re looking for a light-hearted, sexy as hell read with wicked humor and swoon worthy romance, look no further, this one is for you.

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