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Nothing But This by Natasha Anders

Nothing But This (Broken Pieces, #2)Nothing But This by Natasha Anders

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Before I get into the actual plot, I have a huge issue with the prologue itself. I couldn’t believe I could hate a prologue this much. It was a poorly written one. Having a crush on someone is one thing but acting like a bitch in heat is taking desperation to another level. I was on the fourth page and already rolling my eyes at the absolute non sense going on in the book.

“Before she knew it, she was straddling his lap, her mound grinding against the huge erection surging between his thighs”

Libby and I are on same page here. “Before I knew it”, she was humping on him and moaning in desperation.

Sequence of events went on like this:

Libby went to a party
She saw Greyson
There was some kind of magnetic attraction
They kissed, had sex, and got married
And got separated

Of course there was a backstory to all of it but that came later in the book. By then, I was already pissed off with the ridiculousness of the plot till then.

Greyson was unapproachable, disinterested, distant, reserved and somewhat standoffish whereas his brother Harris was confident, amiable, easy going and best of friends with Libby.

“Greyson Chapman doesn’t need anyone. You’re an island, with your own government, your own wealth, and your own natural resources. You need us as much as you need more money, which is not even a little.”

You get the idea.

Greyson got some wrong vibes from them and let these thought concoct in his mind until they turned into a distasteful recipe full of confusion, misunderstanding, and deception. What could have been an easily solved issue was carried forward in the whole book and that made the foundation of the plot.

I have been looking forward to reading this one after Natasha Anders’ previous works. She has written strong willed likable heroines with grade-A asshole but redeemable heroes. I love her ability to write angsty second-chance married couple romances that makes you feel and root for the couple. However, the formula went terribly wrong here.

Libby sounded immature the whole time from her crazy crush days to worshipping Greyson to hastily marrying him. She was stupid and naïve at best. Greyson seemed like a guy who looked down upon every other thing. Everything happened too fast and I struggled with their connection. For a good part of the book Greyson was just an absent husband, who was worshipped by Libby and no real chemistry between the two was shown anywhere and then we just moved on to them separating followed by the famous Anders groveling. Other than that I couldn’t get on with Harris and Tina’s story. I may not have read the first book but I wish I could have a brief flashback of their story. I felt like I was running behind with so much going on in the story.

We later get to know the whole story behind Greyson’s haste to marry, his wrongful thinking, his icy indifference, the resentment and the whole nine yards. Glimpses into Greyson’s mind and his past, Libby’s journey to regaining self-worth and independence and their moments of mending fences later recaptured my interest in the book and redeemed the story to a great extent.

They may have some good parenting moments that were cute but that isn’t enough for a good chemistry. You just can’t throw sex and a baby into the mix and expect an angsty chemistry to just pop out of that. I went into the book anticipating a heroine with a strength of character, an asshole but droolworthy hero and an intense but consuming plot. This book, however, was not at par with my expectations. I liked the second half of the book but the cringe-worthy first half stole 2 stars from this review.

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