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Nobody said it’d be easy by Patty Blount

My Rating: 5 lovely stars

I absolutely loved it. Looooovveedddd it!!!

This didn’t just feel like a book. It felt like a journey. It was a peek into the lives, good and bad, sweet and bitter moments of any other normal family that you can find in reality. This book was unputdownable and I was up the whole night to gobble it up.
Gabriel Ivers married his college sweetheart, the only woman he ever loved, who died and left him with a mess of a life, a broken heart and four children. Gabe was constantly struggling with juggling his work, four kids and meeting their variety of demands and needs. Managing their schedules, food, school, homework while doing little awesome things like braiding hair of his girls, having manicure nights and wearing hair clips and nail polish to have his daughters smiling made Gabe a wonderfully amazing dad. And those daddy daughter t-shirts were amusingly adorable. Gabriel Ivers really was superman.
Amelia Blake entered Gabe’s apartment building and his life after her shithole of a husband cheated on her and left her for a plastic phony version of a woman. Her pain went deeper than just losing her husband. She also lost her baby and the ability to have one ever again in future. Now she was just left with shattered hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Lia was sweet to the bones and achingly beautiful. She also had a compulsive helping nature and a whole bag of tricks up her sleeve for almost every situation that were very handy in pump starting their relationship.

“I know what it means to be in love. It’s not all heart flutters and skin tingles. Those things are nice but that’s just biology. Love is work, Lia. It’s stomach viruses and midnight hospital runs. It’s first periods and science projects. It’s bills ad jobs and juggling schedules and in the middle of all that, it’s choosing you to be my partner through it all.”

Gabe and Lia’s relationship was far from smooth. They had a rocky path to cross and a whole set of obstacles to tackle. She enchanted him since the moment he set eyes on her and he captivated her with his killer body and super amaze balls daddy skills. They had a sizzling chemistry and fighting their attraction was a constant battle for Gabe that left him frustrated with raw emotions every time. Both of them had to fight demons from their past to discover themselves. While Gabe was barely surviving the death of his wife and mother of his children, Lia was recovering from a disaster of a marriage. They both had to take that huge leap of faith, which they were adamantly reluctant to take. Not only they had to trust each other and overcome their issues to love and trust each other, they also had four kids to win over. They had a beautiful relationship that blossomed over time and that was the brilliance of this book.
I am so glad that the author made the kids a deeply ingrained part of the book or it wouldn’t have been what it is now. From the nuances of a growing girl in Kimberly, terrifying brainy Olivia, right daddy? Right, right? moments of chatty Maddison to the extremely adorable cuteness of Emerson, this book had it all. There were so many moments that had me grinning like a fool in one moment and crying like a sad sob story in another. I loved everything this author had to offer.
Patty Blount is a genius and did an amazing job with this book. She carefully weaved each thread of love, care and concern into a family that was as close as they come. They still had their own fair share of problems but that’s what they made the family into what it was…a Family. I cannot stress enough how much I loved Gabe’s relationship with his daughters. From cute little nicknames for each one to the sweet and to the troubled moments, I consumed it all.  All four of Gabe’s kids were delightfully precious and were so different from each other that it gave me a taste of so many different flavors in a single meal. Miss Blount delivered us here of what we can call a “super book” with a bow and chocolates and I would whole-heartedly recommend this to everyone.

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