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Mine by Kristina Weaver

My rating: 1 star



He’s gorgeous and wealthy and wants to take care of me – but is he even capable of love? 

Ever since he left me and flew straight back to England (with no explanation at all, the douchebag), my life has been a total disaster. It’s not Luc’s fault, of course, that my mom died and my dad took off, leaving me to take care of my little brother. It’s not his fault that I have to work two shitty jobs, or that ten-year-old Ben is such a little monster he’s scared off every babysitter and might get kicked out of school, or that I’ve gotten too sick to even work. 

But that doesn’t mean I want to see him ever again. For whatever reason, he left me and went back to his life of fast cars and faster women, or whatever rich British assholes like him get up to. So that’s that. 

Imagine my horror when I find out he’s technically my boss – and as hard as I’ve tried to forget him, he certainly hasn’t forgotten me. 



I’ve worked hard to keep my cold heart locked away, and I won’t let anyone in – especially not the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

I’ve thought about Ash for seven long years, almost wishing I could tell her the truth about what happened and fix things up between us. But I’m afraid the truth might spell the end for us, and I’m not about to let her go. 

Now that I’ve found her at last, I’ve decided that she will be mine again and mine alone. I want her back in my life, in my arms, happy and healthy and taken care of. For good. 

Oh, I don’t love her – I don’t love at all – but there is something about her that draws me in, intrigues me…stirs me… 

MINE is a three part series by Kristina Weaver.
The synopsis pretty much covers everything in book one in the MINE series. I would have given this book a single star just for the sheer absurdity this book is. A second star is for the occasional humor from the dim-witted characters and the potential this book had. Seriously, this book is a brainless muddle with no emphasis on the storyline.
What does a book need to have to make it through?


  • An idea
  • A storyline
  • Characters
  • Chemistry
  • A pinch of drama
  • A dash or more of humor
  • And HEA (Yeah, I’m a sucker for those)
Does this book have any of the above mentioned traits?
Answer would be a big NOOOOOO.
The idea behind this book was good enough to have a strong plot; if only the author could have done some justice to it. The story had a lot of potential but weak characters that had no chemistry whatsoever and the idea that was lost somewhere in the pages were its downfall.
So, coming to the plot..
Ashley met Lucian (again), when she fell in front of his office. She was sick; he wanted to take care of her and to be back in her life… Completely understandable.  But the author’s approach to this was terrible. Ashley despised Lucian and did not want to breathe the same air as him. But did she act like it? Obviously, no. She let him take complete control of her life including moving in with him the very next day (although he blackmailed her for that, I am not counting that). They move on with their “so-called relationship”, have sex (the next day itself) and God, get married… Can you believe it? I mean the woman hated that man.
And Lucian is another story for that matter.  He is a controlling, arrogant and paranoid bastard who thinks he owns the world and definitely owns Ashley.  It’s ridiculous how he left her seven years back and all of a sudden he is all up for his plan on having her. Now he is all over her hoo-haa. What was he doing till then? Sleeping? But now he wants to own her and take care of “his baby”.
Add to that, Lucian’s faulty brain wiring and it seals the deal. In the whole Book one in Mine series, he was plotting to make Ashley fall in love with him. But the moment she does, he bolts. I mean..What the crap?
I am all for romantic stories and the usual crap but puh-lease I want a touch of reality every once in a while.
The side characters in this book were more interesting than these bubbleheads.
Ms. Weaver tried to add some drama in the book but it didn’t work too well. The story felt a little rushed to me. I could not connect with the characters or their choices. I could have loved the whole alpha thing, if there was more emphasis on the character build up.
A book needs a storyline. The author needs to stick to that storyline. Characters ought to have some chemistry. Drama is supposed to heighten the interest and overall growth of the book. Readers should connect to what they are reading. MINE lacked some of the most important elements a book should have and therefore, could not do it for me.

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