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His Billionaire Bride by Madeline Ash


His Billionaire Bride is the second book in The Morgan Sisters series by Madeline Ash.

Carrie Morgan is a successful business woman. She is guarded yet vulnerable. She cocoon her heart from emotions that she wants to feel but is deathly afraid to do so. Carrie is much more than the billionaire business woman. She is a loving daughter and caring sister. She is a sharp-tongued, sassy and enduring woman.

“If he was copper and gold and shimmering riches, then she was a dragon powerless to his lure.”

Edwin Prince is a young rising artist. He is charming, vivacious, thoughtful, and compassionate. Edwin is everything you can imagine in a man and so much more. He is ridiculously good with being around people. He has an impressionable energy in him that makes him hypnotically irresistible.

“Everyone should want to spend forever with you.” ~ Carrie

It starts with Edwin wanting to paint Carrie for a mural, a bride. His Billionaire Bride. It is followed by all those adorable nervous twitching, teasing and playful flirting. I loved how the author explored their intimacy that was so much more than just sex. It was delicious to savor the unspoken connection between them. It felt like a discovery.

“I am going dancing” he said
“And you’re going to watch”

And it was surreal.Their attraction was so potent with the sexual intimacy woven in the threads of a “non sexual” intimacy. Desire hitched to break out of those invisible shields protecting her heart. Ms. Ash writes sex like a poetry filled with vibrant tension and promises of love that oozes warmth in every word.A string of poor lovers and unfateful past made Carrie wary of any commitment . She can’t seem to give in to the natural reactions of a human being. While being infuriatingly drawn towards the enigma of Edwin, she just isn’t prepared for his youthful exuberance. She silenced her heart with her rules.

“Loneliness is less painful than loss”

People often have a questionable self-worth. Being with a person whose perfection you can’t compete with is difficult. In the midst of all the chaos, we refuse to do the most important thing of all, embrace ourselves and be good to ourselves. A person who is as good with himself as with the others is a rare commodity. And when you have him for your love, it can disarm you and you may not know how to deal with such beauty. It can consume or compose you. It can intimidate or inspire you. It can make you create walls as high as the moon or shatter all your defenses and bare your soul to the love it deserves. But it’s all just “maybe” until you’re in that moment. It can sometimes be too much. And it can happen.

I really liked this book and how the author constructed their relationship from a superficial magnetism to a deeply ingrained love.

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  1. I loved this book too! The dynamic between Edwin and Carrie was delightful to read about. I’m glad to find a fellow Madeline Ash fan! 💙✨

    1. Hey thanks! I am glad you loved this book as well 😊

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