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Fast by Gillian Archer

Fast (Burns Brothers, #2)Fast by Gillian Archer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Something is wrong with my book-stars these days. I can’t seem to find a book for which I can truly sing some songs of praises. This will be a short review as I really don’t have much to say about this book.

Hope is the daughter of West Coast Kings MC President. She is star-struck when she sees Ryan for the first time. Hope is sweet, innocent and far from a girl who’s the daughter of MC club president and so is Ryan, a sexy, charming, considerate guy with an overall pleasant personality. Their chords get aligned and soon Hope sees a positive pink on the Pregnancy test after a one night stand. Ryan is a supportive guy, which I did not expect out of someone from a motorcycle building business. They both get freaked out at the good news but support each other with the pregnancy.

Now, Hope’s father is an asshole and obviously doesn’t approve of Hope getting involved with someone like Ryan let alone have a baby with him. He puts up all his efforts to create those obvious obstacles but those were resolved pretty soon. Everything went on at a nice smooth pace with no excitement whatsoever, just like your everyday routine life. And routine is not something to be thrilled about. Even the ups and downs in this romantic ride went on like nice little bumps in the road. So, we were left with those nice family moments, some rough childhood stories and a lovey-dovey happy ending.

It failed to stir even a drop of excitement in my ocean of boredom. Everything was just nice. This book obviously didn’t work out for me.

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