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Deep Cover by Scarlett Cole

My rating: 4 stars


Want a fast paced, well written, action packed military suspense with a healthy dose of romance? Dive straight into Deep Cover by Scarlett Cole.



Amy Murray is hard working, focused, brainy and beautiful with ocean blue eyes and gorgeous blonde waves and a complete firecracker FBI agent. She plays the role of an undercover dealer in a casino as she was an ace and kicked ass when it came to cards. Having endured uninvited attention in past from her fellow douchebag colleagues for her pretty looks, she is always extra careful at her job and refrains from adding any personal touches to her work relationships.
Cabe Moss is an ex-Navy SEAL, smart, get-on-the-nerves handsome, intelligent, a bit asshole-ish at times but amazingly attractive. He is a partner in the Eagle Securities, a special ops firm. He is torn apart due to the loss of his fiancée and feels disloyal towards his fiancée by getting involved with another woman and is still wallowing in his own misery. Amy swiftly fractures his emotional walls to creep her way in his heart.

“I want to give you everything you want, everything you need, everything you deserve. Nothing you can ask of me is too much. Do you understand that?”

The books kicks off with Amy and Cabe coming together in a cross agency task force to work against a casino, owned by a business family, that deals in drug running, trafficking and money laundering. They work together to put up surveillance, collect intel and evidence, unwind interconnected pieces of puzzles and find the missing women along with other hotasses of Eagle Securities team.
Due to high expectations attached to her role in the investigation and her undeserved reputation, Amy has to be laser-focused on her task and cannot afford any distractions in the form of well-built man candy. Both Amy and Cabe have to put their operational priorities first inspite of the pull they experience towards each other. There are sparks flying all over the moment they see each other. Both of them try to keep things professional but their burning desire for each other set the book on fire. There relationship was an intricate affair that slowly unfolded while keeping the explosive sexual chemistry alive.
The book hooked me on from the very first page and kept me on my toes. Written from a dual point of view, it was highly engrossing and entertained me throughout the book. The concept of gambling and casinos is well visualized (if not too technical for dumb nuts like me). Story developed smoothly even though it was a fast paced novel.  The author formulated and developed the relationships in the book really well. From the camaraderie between the members of the Eagle Securities team to the sexual and emotional development of the lead characters. The backdrop of the story was just as riveting. It was totally badass.
The author knows what she is talking about. I could easily relate to her writing. She sure knows how to create an emotional action packed whirlwind to suck you in. Scarlett Cole is new to me and I will definitely be reading more of her works in future. This book definitely gets a big thumbs-up from me.

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