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Deceived by Desire by Marie Force

Deceived by Desire (Gilded, #2)Deceived by Desire by Marie Force

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Things started well in the book with Aubrey, the owner of the mansion meeting Maeve, the housekeeper. I felt giddy hoping it to be the start of a spicy romance. And then everything started going downhill from there.




Maeve Brown was the Irish housekeeper of the palatial house of the Nelsons. The start of the book hinted that Maeve had an aura of independence and strong headedness but nothing of the sort was reflected in later parts of the book. She was more like a meek puppy than a woman who faced violence head-on.

Aubrey Nelson met Maeve for the first time and instantly saw her through rose colored glasses. Aubrey knew the housekeeper was off limits to him but he couldn’t resist his attraction towards her. Maeve also yearned for him but she was on her toes not to fall for him owing to her position as the housekeeper and on account of being an Irish. Then came the fortunate moment of Maeve’s past troubles that led to Aubrey’s proposing a marriage to protect Maeve. Despite being through a painful past and violent history, Maeve still agreed to marry him in an instant.

Enter Aubrey’s mother, the dragon lady, who had an iron will on everyone and everything around her. She was rather exacting with her demands and obviously didn’t approve of this marriage. Audrey, however, did not care about the norms of the polite society. Story moved in a way that had me anticipating some exciting events. However, the climax here wasn’t climactic enough. It came and went like a breeze.

There were few instances where Aubrey and Maeve started to build a sort of friendship but the author jumped too quickly to the marriage of the two. The coffee, here, was brewed in a haste and the fun was over before I could enjoy any moments of tingles and flutters between the two. I would have loved if the author had explored their relationship as it could have given some depth to their bond.

Too many pages were spent on Maeve’s fear of rejection from the Aubrey’s mother and aristocratic society and Aubrey’s steady support. Aubrey was a sweet and caring husband, sometimes painfully so. He rather crossed the territory of charming and went right into the land of cheesy-ville. Gooey romance had me skimming through so many parts of the book.

It was just an okay read and wasn’t as entertaining a read as I had expected it to be. This could be due to my love affair with the Fatal series by Marie Force. I absolutely loved that one. None of the characters in the book here were exceptionally likable. The story could have played out well if the author had invested a little time in constructing some gripping situations. There wasn’t much to the book and I didn’t feel like I was reading anything new or refreshing. I forgot about the book, the characters and the story the moment I was done reading it.

What could have been an engrossing book led by a promising plot fell flat by too sweet leads, sappy dialogues, unbaked drama and a quick happy ending.

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