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Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

Dark Notes by Pam Godwin:  5 dark-stars


Every once in a while you come across a book that takes you beyond the cheesy romance and gives you that raw emotion that you’ve been thirsting for. Dark Notes is that kind of a book.
“Beautiful, tragic and seductive—a trinity of temptation”
This is an erotic student/teacher romance (don’t we love that one). The writing is simply exquisite. Pam Goodwin makes every word run through your veins and makes you absorb each and every emotion behind it.
“This brutal man is my home. His hell is my heaven.
I’m his Ivory, and he’s my darkest note”
Emeric Michael Marceaux
He’s an illustrious pianist, a dignified music teacher, heir to a business empire, and a drop-dead gorgeous man who has a prepossessing aura.

“Sweet merciful fuck, words like shockingly pretty dilute the effect of his image”.

He’s also a mercurial, callous, and self righteous dick who has a less than stellar reputations due to his previous indiscretions. He wants to devour her the moment his eyes lay on her. He wants to break her and then piece her together. And boy does he break her.
He wants to own each and every facet of her life. But she’s a luxury he can’t afford to have.

“Ivory’s an intoxicating dream, the kind that visits a man at night, veiled by the darkness of dusk and safely pursued in the secret corner of the mind. But in daylight, she’s a dark fantasy, tempting a man to do things with his eyes wide open”.

Ivory Westbrook
She’s an aspiring piano virtuoso. She has had a tough life, an oblivious brother and a jerk of a brother (I really would have spliced his dick off and wouldn’t think twice about it).
She has faced a raw, unpolished version of life; but she surpassed it all and came out with more fortitude every time. She’s strong, resilient with a back bone of steel.
Despite her well earned reputation, she’s naïve and vulnerable. She’s drawn to him the way moth is attracted to fire. But her past experiences with men won’t let her.

“Will each ticking moment I spend with him be an irreversible succession into the future? Or will he hold me here, stuck in the present, in this life?”

They both have their ghosts from the past.
He has made mistakes in the past and he’s adamant on not repeating them. She’s a temptation that can ruin him. But their unbridled attraction lit the book on fire.

“She’s exactly the kind of woman I’m drawn to. A woman who flees when hunted and comes alive when she’s caught. A woman who bends beneath punishments and seeks acceptance in her humiliation. A woman who bites at a heavy hand, only to melt around the unforgiving grip when it cuts her air”.

Everything about her entices him. She draws him in a whirlpool of lust and brings out the animal in him.

“Christ, this girl.. She’s my music, my place in this life, my part in it all”.

She’s met her fair share of assholes and his reluctant to trust this who has turned her world upside down. But she for craves him with an unmatched desperation. She’s attracted to him like a moth is attracted to fire.
“He won’t let me escape him. I want to run.
And I want him to catch me.”
Their sizzling chemistry makes the book un-put-downable. It makes you want to eat the words and feel the fire within them.

“Her feistiness might be my fuel, but her obedience is my fucking fire”

“He’s it for me. The zenith of my happiness. All roads, however perilous and winding, lead to this man, my teacher, the music of my soul”


This book is a potent mix of seething romance, angst, desire and smouldering passion with a dash of kinky fuckery (BDSM). I loved every bit of this book. I highly recommend it.

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