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Book review: Handle With Care

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Ms. Hunting presents a balanced story with decent amount of humor, wit, charm, and romance. The story line was a riot of spicy moments and hysterical comebacks. The blurb promised me a funny romance and the rest of the book delivered it.


book review


The premise of the story begins with Lincoln coming to New York after years for his father’s funeral. Lincoln doesn’t have very fond relations with his family. So, he is justifiably reluctant when he is asked to assist in the family business and take over the reins of the company. Since, Lincoln has been MIA from the family scene for a long time, his image needed some revamping to bring out his refined version in the media.

That’s where Wren comes into play. She’s an independent PR consultant, who’s in charge of overhauling Lincoln’s public image. Her job is to groom up his appearance and create a pleasing public image. Wren is previously appointed to do the same job for Lincoln’s brother, Armstrong, who’s a clusterfuck of epic proportions. What Wren thought to be an easy assignment turned out to be so much more when she encounters Lincoln.

Thus, begins the tale of a terrifically hot, witty and playful romance. Wren is classy, sharp-witted, snarky with a sweet topping of feminine and sexy. She is firm and authoritative with her demands. She knows what is required and will damn well make you do it. She’s pushy and doesn’t bow down to anyone.


“I don’t know how every man who crosses your path doesn’t fall in love with you. Everything about you is incredible.”



Lincoln is funny, sarcastic, and sexy with a cocky swagger. His unpolished and infuriating ways make him even more enticing. All these years Lincoln has been involved in humanity work in the developing countries that though not financially well-compensating but has been soul gratifying. He has been intrigued by his sexy handler ever since he laid eyes on her. From his chiseled body, to his quirky sense of humor. From his kind noble deeds to his mischievous acts. Everything about Lincoln charismatic ways captivated Wren. Sexual chemistry was sky-high in this one. Their amazing dynamic kept the engine hot and running.


“God, she pisses me off and makes me hot at the same time. I’ve never encountered a woman who I simultaneously want to screw and tell to screw off.”


I especially enjoyed their innuendo-laden comments that kept up the sexual tension. Their flaring attraction made Wren’s task of staying away from Lincoln exceedingly difficult. Soon, it turned into a fest of steamy and heavy moments. The author developed a great pace with the insta-attraction and didn’t ruin it by rushing into things.


“And I fall more in love with the woman who fits so perfectly into my life, like she’s always been part of it, like she’s somehow been sewn into the fabric of who I am, without either of us realizing until now…”


All of Armstrong’s annoying parts with his over the top sense of entitlement made up for some side-splitting moments. Throughout this story, Lincoln has been very informative about his brother:


“Armstrong is not capable of managing his own damn grocery list, let alone this company”


 “It’s honestly a miracle that my brother has survived this long without having his entire face rearranged multiple times”


“The alternative is throwing him through a window, and I would like to avoid a murder charge today.”


“I would rather sleep with an angry grizzly bear than allow your brother to touch me.”


Don’t you fuck the dog enough at work, now you have to choke your chicken here too?”
(You’ll get this one when you read the book)


You have your book if you’re looking for a sexy, easy and entertaining read!

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  1. Sounds like a great love story for escapism. I’ve heard Helena Hunting is an amazing author but I haven’t had a chance to read her work.
    Great review!

    1. She writes amazing characters. Don’t miss her works!

  2. I really liked this one. Wren always seemed to be so together. Fabulous review!

  3. I’m hoping to get my hands on this book soon! Great review!

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