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Bad Teacher by Clarissa Wild

No stars at all…
Bad Teacher is a taboo student-teacher romance written by Clarissa Wild. I have a serious inclination towards this genre; so I am quite partial when reviewing these books. But even that couldn’t help this book. It tested my patience in more than one way.
I liked author’s note at the start of the book. It gave me a tingling feeling in my stomach.
Author’s note: Don’t like reckless decisions & unbridled screwing? Don’t love girls that are obsessed with ice cream, rainbows, and unicorns? Don’t enjoy a bit of corny humor sprinkled on top? Then this book is not for you. And last but not least, if you hate cats with giant jewels … Don’t even bother.
Although that thing about cat with giant balls.. Totally unnecessary.
I was thinking.. Yay!! I’m gonna love this one. It turned out to be.. What the fuck was that??
So our hero (if you can consider him one), Mr. Thomas Hard is a professor. Although he never acted like one, who am I to say anything.
Word of praise for him: He’s an immature, brainless, stupid, a 40-watt-bulb. He tried to be our desirable arrogant hot guy but failed miserably.
Our girl.. Hailey. She’s an abbreviated piece of nothing. She’s downright desperate. She’s so silly, it hurt my head.
And she calls her vibrator “MR. PINK”. Need I say more?
 So Hailey goes to a nightclub with the sole purpose of losing her virginity and ends up with Mr. hard. Their deal is just the usual.. One night, no names, no phone numbers, no strings attached (Yeah we know how well that works out).
Hailey turns out to be a student of Thomas. And being with her for just moments after having sex, he decided she’s different from all other girls he has been with. How in God’s name he came to that conclusion is beyond me.
And Hailey.. She instantly put on her rose colored glasses, when just moments ago she was all hot for “just sex”.
Author tried to make the sex look filthy and hot ( dirty is my personal favorite), but it was just it.. Trying. It seemed like a task which they were rushing to complete. Like a script they had to follow.
And yeah Goddamit we know she’s your student and you’re supposed to stay away from her. You don’t have to remind us on every fucking page.
Characters had no strength at all to keep the plot alive. Writing was just as weak with a non-existent storyline. There was absolutely no chemistry between the characters. They were like two dumb horny teenagers fixed up in a student-teacher role. Their dialogues, actions and even their thoughts were plain immature.
There were so many instances that had me rolling my eyes, I was afraid they might get stuck up in that position.
There were too many scenes that were like borrowed from Fifty Shades, Crossfire series, and Gabriel’s inferno. And it wasn’t even a good job.


This book didn’t pan out for me. It was boring, predictable and frustrating. If you’re looking for something similar then sure go for it. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble.

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