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Anyone but Rich by Penelope Bloom

Anyone But Rich (Anyone But... #1)Anyone But Rich by Penelope Bloom
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Three Kings despised by three friends bounded by a promise. A promise to never ever date a King.

The king brothers were kings of the high school. They were the unattainable ones. They played their way through high school, flirted with everything that could walk and were the dream guys of every other girl back then. Now, the Kings were back as billionaires and celebrities only to carve the shit of the friends’ solemn vow to stay away from the brothers. King boys brought with them a storm and these three friends were determined to stay together to weather that storm.


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Rich was absolutely captivating with his thoughtfulness and charm, wrapped in an irresistible packaging of shockingly good looks and obnoxiously gorgeous smile. Rich had always been magnetic but now he was more irresistible than ever. He knew he screwed up in his high school and was well aware of the apologies he had to make. However, the reunion didn’t go as Rich well as he expected.


“There were burned bridges, and there were burned bridges over rivers that had run dry, and then there was Kira and I.”


Kira had a sexy librarian vibes that made her sweet, innocent, and sexy at the same time. She was smart, independent and loyal to her friends and her promise to them. She had dreamed of Rich throughout high school only to be betrayed by him in the end. Now, she had her shields up and weapons on to deter any and all efforts of Rich to charm his way back into her life. Rich, however, would do his best to tempt her from her promise.

Rich was used to people kissing his ass but Kira didn’t give him any leeway. It was refreshing to see how Kira didn’t give in to Rich just like that. She made him work for it and made him count those efforts. She cold shouldered him at every turn, but he was unstoppable in his efforts to woo her. Rich was determined to worm his way back into her heart by hook or by crook. Uninvited feelings were stirred, lines were blurred, and promises were shaken leading to fervent moments of love and an intense romance.


“I was being pulled by a kind of gravity when I was him. The right words stuck in my throat and the only ones that would come dug me deeper and deeper into the trouble.”


This book had the best kind of angst with the constant push and pull, amusing comebacks, and witty remarks. The author did a fantastic job of bringing the two closer from a sworn enemy to passionate lovers. She shaped all the characters so beautifully. There are very few books where all the characters, leads or not, are just so damn likable. Dialogues were amazing and plot was addicting that had me acting like a junky.

Kira and her two friends were so damn hilarious. Their raunchy wit took the humor quotient of this book to another level. Analogies that the three friends often made me shake my head at times and act like a lunatic after laughing so hard at other times.

Rich, the wise one, Cade, the smart idiot, and Nick, the spectacled genius, all had their quirks that were just too funny for words. They stayed together, fought together, and won together. There was such easy camaraderie between the brothers. I absolutely loved their wacky moments, they put life into their relationship and in the book.

We’ll be tapping into the stories of Cade and Nick King in the next installments of the series and I will definitely be getting my hands on them.

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  1. Awesome review! I’ve had my eye on this since it’s release.

    1. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed

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