All Roads Lead to You by Jennifer Probst

All Roads Lead to You (Stay, #3)All Roads Lead to You by Jennifer Probst

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This book was a true pleasure to read. I wasn’t through the first chapter and I already knew I was gonna love it. It actually had me tingling all over. Some books do have that effect. That buzz is no less than being halfway drunk.

“You’re my heart. And every damn road I ever took had one purpose. It led me to you.”

Harper Bishop was a ball buster, plain and simple. She was fierce, passionate, prideful and strong headed. She ran an old animal-rescue farm and was very passionate towards her work. She had everything she ever dreamed of and didn’t want for anything else. She was complete all by herself. Her bluntness and simplicity made her all the more attractive.

Aidan O’Connor was a horse breeder with a ruined reputation after being betrayed by his friend and colleague. Now at crossroads in his career, Aidan was in search of a fresh start. Aidan was intriguing, pushy, full of himself and absolutely charming. He was a mix of danger and temptation. He unsettled Harper who never needed or wanted a man by her side and was content with her life till then.

“A woman can get lost in a gaze that deep. A woman could get found.”

Harper and Aidan were brought together by Phoenix, a horse with too many quirks and a completely delightful mix of animals on the farm. Determined on making Phoenix a winning race horse, they both worked tooth and nail till the very end. Harper and Aidan had different tactics but were great together as a team. Their learning curve was an amazing journey where they learnt their lessons together, pushed each other’s boundaries, struggled through mini battles and worked around a delicate balance of respecting each other.

Keen on maintaining a professional relationship, they were off limits to each other. However, that buzzing attraction wasn’t letting it stay strictly business. Harper’s sharp tongue, compassionate heart and stubborn will fascinated him. Aidan’s magnetic personality and distinctive qualities overwhelmed her. Harper’s painful tortured teen years haunted her and Aidan’s yearning to restore his reputation plagued him. Harper conquered her fears alone and raised an indestructible wall around her heart. Aidan’s unwavering support, fighting spirit and relentless attitude shattered every last piece of her defense. The resultant blistering heat, wicked desire and overwhelming sexual tension engulfed any form of resilience.

“You told me to follow my heart. Every road I’ve ever walked has led me to the next town, the next horse, and the next piece of my soul. But then I met you, Harper Bishop, and I was ruined.”

Probst honed the fine art of bantering and I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal sparring between the lead characters throughout the book. I cannot stress enough how much I loved Harper and Aidan. They had captivating personalities that shaped the story rather nicely. Side characters were adorable here and added to the richness of the story. It was like a castle of cards, where all the cards held the story together. Animals were a deeply ingrained part of the story. There were endless moments of joy molded by the bizzare acts of these peculiar animals.

Aidan’s secretive background troubled Harper from the very start that led to some differences later in the story. I am glad the author did not drag that part too much and the differences that could be quickly reconciled were done so in that manner.

Writing was simply exquisite. Oh yes! I was smiling all the way through.

“I had to leave in order to come back. I had to realize you changed me. You’re my dream, mo grá. I want it all, and I want it with you, right here.”

After my last read, it was such a pleasure to finally read something worth reading. I am glad I could be part of Harper’s, Aidan’s and Phoenix’s quest for victory. Probst can raise me in her fan list a little closer to the top.

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  1. I haven’t read Jennifer Probst in years but after this review I’m definitely going to give All Roads Lead to You a try ✨ I adore a strong female lead and a romance book filled with banter. Great review!

    1. Thank you!! I love most of the works from this author and this book just reminded me the
      reason for that.

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