On my romance book blog, I read, explore, dissect and present God’s honest truth about the book I spent my last few hours or days on. Frequent topics to bang heads on include talks on romance novels, honest reviews on books I read, talks with authors, sassy bits about your favorite writers, upcoming books, cover releases, book blitzes, and all things that are romance.

Also, you can check out the books I recommend and any upcoming books or authors you need to obsess about.

I read a lot of books and review as many as I can. My ratings aren’t always high but they are unfailingly honest. I am very stringent with 5 stars and reserve them only for the best of the lot.


6-ty stars = I went crazy after reading it and going in frequent bouts of obsessively thinking and yammering about it

5 stars = I LOVED the book and it hit all my good spots. I would recommend it to everyone I meet (yeah! I am generous like that)

4 stars = I REALLY LIKED the book a lot. It made a mark on me

3 stars = I LIKED it but it could have been a lot more better.

2 stars = I tried but it still didn’t work out. Something was definitely wrong there.

1 star = Ugh! Why did I even read it?

Happy reading!!