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A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders

5 glowing stars *****

A Ruthless Proposition is a standalone contemporary romance by Natasha Anders.
This is my second novel by Natasha Anders and I am completely and thoroughly hooked to her. She used her tried and tested concoction well again, where she fitted an asshole hero with a no non-sense heroine and Booooommm!!! Another knockout. It has chemistry, passion, drool worthy hero, sassy heroine, hilarious comebacks and beautiful heart wrenching feelings. Anders is a master at writing asshole alphas who redeem themselves and make you fall in love with them.
“You’re mine. The one who was put on this earth for me.
I adore you. I revere you. I cherish you. I fucking love you, Cleo.”
Dante Damaso.. Ruthless, confident, poised, mouth-wateringly gorgeous, and yeah.. a billionaire (squeaaaaaaaallll). That’s exactly what I carve for!
“Dante Damaso epitomized masculine perfection; it was a damned crying shame such good looks were wasted on a nasty specimen like him”
He’s the definition of Asshole (yeah..with a capital A). He’s demanding, obnoxious, overbearing and formidable bastard. He keeps his employees under a mountain of work.
Cleopatra Knight… She has a whimsical sense of humor that me rolling on the floor and left my belly aching. She is a typical heroine by Natasha Anders. She’s rather skittish and meek in the beginning with a quaint personality. She knew she couldn’t go mouthing off at the boss, so it was definitely justifiable. Once she grew a back bone and held her ground her against a stuck-up Dante, I found myself cheering out loud for her.
“Spare me. I’ve heard it all before. Blah, blah, ‘you’re not my usual type’ blah, blah, ‘it wasn’t serious’ blah, blah, blah. You’re like a broken record, Mr. Damaso. It gets tedious after a while.”
I felt like kissing her at that moment.
It is told in third person POV.
The story begins with Dante and Cleo staying in Tokyo for their business trip. He’s his usual arrogant self. Soon Dante and Cleo find themselves coiled up in the sheets raising fire alarms everywhere. And the sex was simply mind-numbing. It was thaaaaaaatttt good. It had me salivating for more. They had explosive chemistry without all the cheesy sweet nothings. It was simple. Just sex, no promises, no strings attached. Fortunately, nothing ever happens as planned. Dante gets Cleo knocked up.
“We used protection, but how does that quote from Jurassic Park go? ‘Life will find a way’.”
Dante thinks women serve a purpose.. Sex. Nothing more, nothing less. So the thought of domesticating makes him jump out of his skin. So, he fucks up everything. Utterly. And now he has to work for something he never even realized he wanted so much. It kicked the angst up a notch.
“There is no moving on for me without Cleo.”
I liked how Cleo acted with a sane mind. She knew he wasn’t the type of man one could play house with. For her, he was a sure shot way of pain and heartbreak. She didn’t have unrealistic expectations and she had already had a taste of Dante’s “assholery”.
“That’s not enough, Dante! I don’t want good. I want amazing; I want fantastic; I want blissful. I want love, and you can’t give that to me.”
I liked the character development. How Dante realized his feelings for Cleo and redeemed himself. How he grovelled for her and fought tooth and nails to win her back. And he bared out his soul to her and came out more stronger and even more irresistible.
“You’re it, Cleo,” he snapped, clearly annoyed with himself for losing his grasp on the English language so completely. “You’re her. You’re my she. My other. Mine.”

Characterization was fantastic. Ms. Anders writes remarkable characters that have a tendency to stay with you. Their lovely bantering kept the story rolling. I liked they didn’t instantly fell in love. I loved the development of emotions between them. There were parts that had me laughing so hard that I had to take a break. There were parts that shattered my heart and made me weep for the agony the characters were feeling.
I applaud the author for writing such a beautiful second-chance book. I highly recommend it!!!

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