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A Dash of Love by Jill Sanders


A Dash of Love is the first book in the Pride, Oregon Series by Jill Sanders. Known for her sweet, charming and funny characters and equally good plots, Jill Sanders is definitely an author I don’t ever miss. However, this particular book was not a hit for me. While the prologue was mysterious enough to have piqued my curiosity, chapters following it washed off any traces of interest I had in the book.

Tall, tan, dark and sexy as hell, Parker Clark is headed towards the small of Pride in need of needed of a fresh start. He pretty soon meets Sarah Jordan and they have that insta love thing…something I am not a huge fan of. This might work in some cases if the characters are strong enough to carry the flame forward but here it fell flat for me. One moment they are making introductions and small talks and the next thing we know is that Sarah is plastered against Parker to piss off her soon to be ex boyfriend. Now, this method flipping the bird is new to me and I sure as hell don’t find willing sexpots walking on the streets. But meh..who am I talk.
Although Parker claims to be done with the dating scene, he sure as hell jumped in the love wagon too fast. One meeting, one date that ends up in groping each other and they are so onto phone sex, that might have worked if it was even lukewarm. The author just told us it is supposed to be hot and we had to just go by it. She even orgasmed by the fifth line, now that’s fast. I can’t remember the last time I read sex that was this dull. Somewhere in between, there were moments like “beg for me” and “watch me touch myself” that made me question if it was some weird imitation of those crazy hot erotica heroes. Nonetheless, it didn’t fit or suit here.
Mind you, Parker has his heart broken thrice before (one of that was in third grade, now I know I wasted my childhood in silly nothings) and 15 minutes into meeting our girl he is convinced this won’t be another disaster and she is different and the guy is wondering about marriage and kids. Quite the judge of character he is. I wish I had such spot on skills.
Meanwhile, I spent a good deal of time looking out my window at the beautiful weather, checking if my phone was dead or the rest of the world because apparently everyone had forgotten about me, and ate chocolate (that’s one good thing) in between reading the book. It was that interesting.
After the initial fiasco, the author did try to steer it on a somewhat interesting path by adding a “dash” of mystery and drama to the plot. A little tampering with the equipment, sabotaging the workplace and home and threats to life, which turned the characters into our very own James Bond (minus the gadgets and the sex appeal), somewhat saved the sinking book. It also took off my mind from the doomed love story.
There was no character development and I could not feel any connection with the lead characters. This book did not do any wonders for me. But that’s just me as it did work for so many others out there.
My Rating: 2 stars

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